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We meet regularly outside of our Sunday services in homes around the city to share meals, pray, study the Bible and serve our communities. Core Groups represent the core of our church community—the primary way to be involved at Advent. A list of our fall semester Core Groups is provided below.

How to Choose a Group That's right for you:

For more details about a group, go to the map below and click on the pin to see a longer description, or review the descriptions below. Note that pins with a check mark symbol are still open; those with an "x" have been filled to capacity and are currently closed. To choose the group that best suits you, use one of these methods to choose:

  • Geographically: Choose a group that meets near your home or work.
  • Calendar: Look for a day and time that fits your schedule.
  • Topically: This semester, we are offering Advent Foundations, book and Bible studies, Financial Peace University, Alpha, a book study for women, and more. Think about whether a particular topic would be interesting or helpful to you.
  • By Parish: You may prefer to attend a Core Group where you can meet people from the Parish that you attend. While none of our groups are exclusive to a particular Parish, those in the Northwest and in Virginia tend to attract people who attend our Columbia Heights Parish, while those in the Northeast typically attract those who attend our Brookland Parish. There are always exceptions to this (for example, men's and women's groups are often a mix of both Parishes), and you should feel free to register for any group, regardless of your Parish.

Advent Foundations, Sundays, 9:00-10:15 AM
Leaders: Advent Staff and Catechists
Neighborhood: Brookland (Archbishop Carroll High School)
Advent Foundations explores three crucial questions for every Christian: What do we believe? How do I pray? How do I live? It draws on the Apostles’ Creed, the Lord's Prayer, and the Ten Commandments to guide us and ground our faith. Foundations is open to anyone desiring to grow in their faith, even if they do not necessarily intend to become members of Church of the Advent. It is, however, a prerequisite for membership, as well as baptism, parents of infants being baptized, marriage, confirmation, reaffirmation of one’s Christian faith, and certain leadership positions within Church of the Advent. **Childcare will be provided.**

Advent Foundations, Mondays, 7:30-9:30 PM
Leaders: Advent Staff and Catechists
Neighborhood: Mount Pleasant 
See above description. **Due to limited space, priority for this class will be given to those leading Core Groups or ministries.**

Alpha, Sunday evenings, Time TBD
Leaders: Tim and Lisa Schultz
Neighborhood: Cheverly
Alpha is for those who want to know more about the Christian faith. It is great for long time believers, skeptical seekers, and everyone in between.

Brentwood, Thursdays, 7:30 PM
Leaders: Will and Anna Craig
Neighborhood: Brentwood

A group that meets once a week for an easy meal, evening prayer, and fellowship.

Brookland, 1st and 3rd Thursdays, 6:30-8:30 PM
Leaders: Carrie Dorean and Ryan Hobert
Neighborhood: Brookland

Our family friendly group meets twice a month, rotating hosts to enjoy eating, sharing, and praying together.

Clarendon, Wednesdays, 7:30 PM
Leaders: Christina Rogers and Stuart Taylor
Neighborhood: Clarendon (Arlington)

The focus of the group is discipling Christians in deepening their walk with the Lord and hospitality and outreach to those who need the Lord and community. Each month will be structured with two weeks of study, one week of dinner, and one week off for the purpose of triads.

Cleveland Park, Thursdays, 7:30 PM
Leaders: Katie and Zach Hauser
Neighborhood: Cleveland Park

We will endeavor to grow together in Christian community through looking at scripture and theologians, and what they tell us about a faith lived out in authentic relationship among others. We hope to be challenged and put into action ways to walk in faith, doing life together as a community…with snacks of course!

Columbia Heights, Thursdays, 7:00 PM
Leaders: Becky Knooihuizen and Stephanie Buck
Neighborhood: Columbia Heights

We enjoy fellowship and truly sharing our lives with each other, sharing a meal, and diving into a good, thought-provoking study.

Edgewood/Petworth, 2nd Saturday at 10:00 AM and 4th Wednesday at 7:30 PM
Leader: Catie Kawchak
Neighborhood: Edgewood and Petworth

The Edgewood/Petworth Core group meets together on the second Saturday at 10am and the fourth Wednesday at 7:30 of every month. Our long-time core group adopted this schedule to meet the time constraints of our diverse Brookland and Columbia Heights attendees that live all over the city, Virginia and Maryland. Despite the busy lives of the parents, children, singles, and married couples in our group, our CG has committed to meeting regularly with each other to continue the Christian community we enjoy together. In addition to sharing a meal and group prayer, this semester we are doing the study "The Gospel Centered Life."

Franklin Street, Wednesdays, 7:30 PM
Leader: Audrey and Brock Adams, Luke Jackson
Neighborhood: Langdon Park

We have a mixture of singles, married couples, and couples with children (young and adult children). Our young children are generally in bed by the time we meet and parents are definitely able to have children sleep in our guest room while our Core Group meets. We share dinner and are going through a study of Mark.

Logan Circle, Wednesdays, 7:00 PM
Leaders: Mollie Moore and Michael Hendrix
Neighborhood: Logan Circle, downtown DC

We come together regularly to discuss scripture, share a meal, and pray together. The passages of scripture we will likely cover (either per season or just one for the entire year) would include: a study of David (select OT books), and/or Pauline epistles in the NT.

Monthly Men's Brunch, Saturdays monthly, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Leaders: Chad Bartlett, Andrew Thrash
Neighborhood: Rotates

A Men's Ministry sponsored event, the men of Advent gather monthly for brunch and a time to meet other men, enjoy fellowship, and eat breakfast together. These brunches often host special speakers. All men are welcome! Men who sign up for Advent Commons will be sent information on brunches each month, with a link to RSVP.

North Petworth, Tuesdays, 7:00 PM
Leaders: Drew and KC Hauge
Neighborhood: North Petworth/Brightwood Park

In our weekly meetings we typically share a collaborative dinner and then dive into a thoughtful study of the Word and pray for our group and community. We also love to socialize outside of our weekly meetings, including game nights, picnics and weekend retreats.

Oakwood Terrace Enneagram, Wednesdays, 7:00 PM
Leaders: Amy and Alex Leo
Neighborhood: Mt. Pleasant

Growing in knowledge and understanding of ourselves can help us to better love and serve God and others. Through reading The Road Back to You by Cron & Stabile, we will discover and reflect on the state of our hearts in order to move toward a greater appreciation of God's character and healthier relationships with ourselves and others. Set in an expansive Victorian mansion in Mount Pleasant, meetings will be structured to allow time for individual reflection and small group discussion. Dinner may or may not be included, pending the group's preference.

Personal Finance, Wednesdays, 7:00-9:00 PM
Leaders: Diana Verm and Grant Russell
Neighborhood: Columbia Heights (Canaan Baptist Church)

This Core Group will go through the nine week Financial Peace University curriculum by Dave Ramsey. Financial Peace University is a nine-lesson money class that teaches step-by-step how to create a budget, pay off debt, spend wisely, and save for the future. We will meet from September 20 to November 15. **Requires purchase of course materials ($93 plus shipping). You can register for this group on Dave Ramsey's official website and purchase course materials here.**

Takoma DC, Fridays (2x/month), 5:30-7:00 PM
Leaders: Allison and Coite Manuel
Neighborhood: Takoma Park

Mix of folks gathering for a simple meal, abbreviated evening prayer and sharing of joys/sorrows with some kids and infants rolling or running around.

Women's Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, Wednesdays, 7:30 PM
Leaders: Brittany Noetzel, Elizabeth Sallie, Anna Craig
Neighborhood: Brookland

“It’s impossible to be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature.” This class for women from either Advent parish focuses on tools to help you grow in your emotional and spiritual health, using the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Course by Peter Scazzero. We will meet weekly for a time of fellowship, evening prayer, discussion, & discipleship. There will be readings and reflection questions to work through in between meetings, as well a handful of meetings with small discussion groups throughout the semester. We will meet 12 times over 14 weeks, with breaks on 10/4 and 11/22, allowing us time to connect, work through the content of the course, and support one another in integrating it into our lives. **Requires purchase of course materials for $30; Advent staff will follow up with these participants for payment.**