Tearing Through The Roof | Sarah Moxley

Mark 2:1-12

I have always wondered what the paralytic was thinking in this story. Was he encouraging his friends to get him to Jesus in any way possible?

Was he terrified as he was being lifted in the air to get to the top of the roof? Or when he was being lowered into the midst of the crowd? All we know is that he picks up his mat and goes home after Jesus heals him.

But his friends knew he needed Jesus. They knew he couldn’t get himself there, but they knew he needed to be in His presence; that healing was possible only through Him.

This last year has been the hardest of my life. Decisions were made and I had no control and no input over things that hugely impacted my life.  To be frank, I’ve spent a lot of time this year as a crying mess curled up on my bed.

I know that it’s only in the presence of Jesus that I will find healing, comfort and forgiveness. And I am fortunate enough to live on this side of the resurrection to know that I don’t have to get myself to him.

But in the midst of this awful year, it’s been my husband, friends and community who have torn through roofs to bring my family and me into the presence of the Savior who forgives sins and heals. They’ve lifted us up and covered us in prayer. They believed that healing is possible when I cannot. They remained confident in a Savior who forgives sins and heals the paralytic.

And it’s been Jesus, there with me in every moment with the promise that the Son of Man has the authority on earth to forgive sins.

Unlike the paralyzed man and his friends, I know that Jesus defeated death and rose again. Most of my circumstances have not changed, but this Lent, I am keeping my eyes on the infallibility of the Resurrection and his promise to return once again and make all things right.

Sarah lives in Eckington with her husband, Charles, and loves to cook and host.