We’re a capital “J” Jesus community and a lower case “a” Anglican community. While that reflects our priority, it doesn’t mean Anglicanism is unimportant to us; it’s a tradition we love and one that provides many tools that help us become like Jesus. Anglicanism shapes the way we worship: Our liturgy comes from the prayer book tradition, and we engage with Word and Sacrament each week. It also shapes the way we’re structured: we have a bishop, a parish council, and missional partnerships with other Anglican churches in our region.

Being Anglican also means that we’re a part of the global and historic church. The Anglican Communion grew out of the missionary expansion of the Church of England over the past 500 years, and it consists of 38 self-governing provinces around the world, in 164 countries, with tens of millions of members. More particularly, our roots are in the Rwandan Anglican church, whose witness to Jesus in post-genocide Rwanda has played an integral role in the recovery of that nation. From the Rwandan church we have inherited a legacy of courageous witness and costly obedience.

Advent is part of the Diocese of Christ Our Hope in the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA.) As a member of the ACNA, Advent ascribes to the Thirty-Nine Articles of religion and the Jerusalem Declaration. You can read more about what we believe here.