We believe our worship is not so much about our entertainment, but God's glory, and the formation of our desires and imaginations through the gospel. Through the liturgy and sacraments, we embody the great story of God's mission to rescue and restore His world.

Therefore, our worship gatherings are participatory, involving the congregation in singing, prayer, reading Scripture, serving at the Lord's Table, etc. 


Childcare is provided from the time we wrap up the first worship set until the passing of the peace. Children 10 and under may attend an age-appropriate children's worship for part of the service and return at the passing of the peace. Want to know more? Learn more about our children's worship program here.


The service begins with music. At Advent, you'll find a blend of contemporary songs and ancient hymns. 


As we prepare to worship, it becomes evident that we are fallen people in need of a Savior. We acknowledge this during the service, confessing our sins together and hearing the good news of Christ's forgiveness.

Liturgy of the Word

Every Sunday, God's Word is read by members of the congregation. We believe that God's Word is living and active. Each Sunday, a pastor will preach a sermon focusing on one of the readings. 

Prayers of the People

We pray together every Sunday, asking God's continued mercy in our lives and in our world. 


Every Sunday we celebrate the Eucharist together. Also called communion or the Lord's Supper, this meal is a means by which we experience the presence and grace of Jesus Christ in a unique way. God uses it to draw us closer together, closer to Himself, and closer to the truth of the gospel. (To hear a sermon on the Lord's Supper, click here.)

Eucharistic Prayer

Our Eucharistic Prayer Ministers are available during the Eucharist every week to pray for anyone who has need. They are located in the front right of the sanctuary.