As a church, we seek the flourishing of Washington, DC, by building gospel-centered communities that practice generous hospitality, spiritual formation and missionary faithfulness in every neighborhood.

As a Church...

Our identity. Our name, Advent, refers to the coming of Jesus Christ, both his incarnation and his promise to one day come again. After his death and resurrection, Jesus established the Church to embody his presence in the world until he comes again. Wherever God’s people gather in his name for worship and the sacraments, we are, in a very real way, manifesting the presence of Jesus Christ. The Church is the institution through which Jesus continues his ministry.

…we seek the flourishing of Washington, DC…

Our vision. In Jeremiah 29, God calls his people to seek the flourishing of Babylon by putting down roots and making a long term commitment to love God, love their neighbors, and pray for the city. We believe we are called to this same commitment in Washington, D.C.

…by building gospel-centered communities…

Our mission. The gospel is meant to be experienced in community; therefore, we desire to build gospel-centered communities throughout the city, believing this to be the most effective way to reach non-Christians. These communities include Core Groups, parish communities that remain connected to Church of the Advent, and new standalone church plants. We believe this kind of missional flexibility is necessary if we truly desire to reach “every neighborhood.”

…that practice generous hospitality, spiritual formation and missionary faithfulness

Our values. We focus our efforts around three key values that shape how and why we do what we do: 

Generous Hospitality

God’s vision for social justice is rooted in the practice of true hospitality, defined in Scripture as showing love to strangers and outsiders. We believe the Church is called to be God’s family in the world, showing joyful, extravagant hospitality to the lonely and marginalized. We recognize that hospitality means giving people what they need, not just physically, but relationally. 

Spiritual Formation

The central task of the Church, according the Jesus, is to make disciples, which means bringing people into relationship with God through Jesus, and encouraging their growth and maturity in Him. Therefore, we believe spiritual formation is not about personal perfection, but about union with Christ, which comes through the cultivation of a fully formed Christian character.

Missionary Faithfulness

Christians are called to be salt and light in the world, a countercultural community living lives that provoke questions only the gospel can answer. At Advent, we hope to advance the Christian faith as the most winsome and plausible means to a flourishing society for all people. Therefore, we seek to live all of our lives in reference to God, fully integrating our faith into every sphere: relationships, work, civic involvement, politics, culture, etc. 


Advent is part of the Diocese of Christ Our Hope in the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA.) As a member of the ACNA, Advent ascribes to the Thirty-Nine Articles of religion and the Jerusalem Declaration. You can read more about what we believe, and what it means to be Anglican, here.