Life in Washington, as diverse and exciting as it can be, is also full of challenges. For the elites who come hoping to change the world, the complexity and bureaucracy of the government often leads to disillusionment and cynicism. Meanwhile, the poor and marginalized experience the same thing in a city that cares about the world but not for them. The Washington ideals—pleasure, power, wealth, and education—promise but do not deliver. Jesus Christ offers the only real hope for the city, but sadly, most people here still haven’t met him. What they have perceived of the Church is sometimes so distorted as to be unrecognizable.

In 2007, Church of the Advent began as a mission of Church of the Resurrection, sent to serve the Columbia Heights area. Our church was born out of a common desire to start healthy, gospel-centered churches through metro Washington. We share a desire to see God’s renewal for ourselves, our city, and our world. We see the church not as a building or a social club, but as a growing family meant to embody all that God is doing in the world. We are here to welcome the lonely; to care for the broken-hearted; to share our struggles, doubts, and fears; and ultimately, to experience the life and love of God together. 

Psalm 68:6 says that God sets the lonely in families. We desire to be such a family for the people of DC. 

To that end, in April 2016 we launched a new worshipping community to serve the greater Brookland area of Northeast DC, called Advent Brookland. It was a parish of Church of the Advent alongside the Columbia Heights parish; thus, we functioned as one church with two parishes. Brookland is a highly diverse community, with residents ranging from college students to young families to the elderly whose families have been here for generations. Planting a parish community in Brookland allowed us to expand our mission and continue to grow in a different neighborhood with different demographics.

Advent’s story is still unfolding. After a year of prayer and discernment, in January 2019 Advent entered the “pre-development phase” of our search for a permanent space. This phase may take some years; in the meantime, Advent’s leaders determined that it would search for a transitional space to re-join its two parishes in one worshiping community, with the goal of streamlining operations, rebuilding unity, and focusing on its mission to procure a permanent home in the city. To that end, in August 2019 the Columbia Heights and Brookland parishes re-merged to worship in one consolidated service in Takoma.

We long to see the city of Washington, DC renewed by the gospel of Jesus Christ, so that through it, all people might come to know the goodness, beauty and truth of God. We desire to plant healthy, gospel-centered communities in every neighborhood throughout the metro Washington area, to form partnerships with other churches and organizations who share our vision, and to serve this city with humility, courage, faithfulness, and compassion.